From EAG News:

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Lars Johnsson isn’t typically interested in his son’s school work, but a recent assignment taught him a few things.

Johnsson told NBC Bay Area he was spontaneously interested in his son’s 7th grade book assignment at Jordan Middle School, and discovered the school’s namesake, Stanford University founder David Starr Jordan, was an outspoken eugenicist – someone who believes in promoting reproduction of certain traits or races over others.

The lesson was detailed in his 13-year-old son Kobi Johnsson’s report “David Starr Jordan: The ugliness behind the make-up,” but Johnsson now wants to bury Jordan’s legacy – as a eugenicist, educational leader, ichthyologist, and pacifist – to shield future students at the school from the unpleasant aspects of his life.

“I couldn’t believe what I was reading about the eugenics and racist aspects in David Starr Jordan’s history,” Johnsson told the San Jose Mercury News. “The more I looked, the worse it got: He was an early and lifelong leader of the movement.”

“He was a lifelong leader of white supremacy and eugenics was his tool for his vision,” he told NBC Bay Area.

But instead of pushing for more lessons like the one he and his son learned about Jordan into the school’s curriculum, and using his legacy as an example of the complicated intersections of racism and eugenics and education, Johnsson simply wants to erase Jordan’s name from the building.

“It is an educational institution and is meant to reflect the 21st century values we…

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