The California Assembly on Thursday approved a legislative package pushed by the state’s powerful Senate president to beat Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s ballot initiative to a gun control body slam.

The proposals, marched through both the Senate and Assembly by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León include a number of measures crafted from gutted and amended zombie bills left behind by the resignation of a fellow Democrat.

All passed in robust party-line votes as De León, is locked in race to deliver his package to the governor’s desk before Newsom’s Safety for All voter referendum is decided in November.

Among the most spirited debate came on SB 1235, De Leon’s own proposal for the licensing and registration of ammunition sales, which GOP lawmakers termed “the worst of the bunch.”

Calling ammunition the “fuel that feeds the violence,” De Leon painted a grizzly picture of recent terror attack in Orlando that left 49 dead saying, “The killer sprayed that nightclub with bullets,” and asking, “How much more blood will it take?” as he made an impassioned plea in the Senate for his measure.

“We want to be that beacon of hope for the rest of the country,” said De Leon, urging action by lawmakers is needed to “Not take the risk at the ballot box.”

Assembly members Brian Jones and Donald P. Wagner (R) each appealed vehemently the decision to proceed with a vote on the measure lodging a series of parliamentary inquiries on how the bill aimed…

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