A Seattle man with ties to the so-called patriot movement and who allegedly made threats to kill government officials was arrested earlier this month for possessing an unregistered rifle with a barrel less than 16.5 inches.

Schuyler Pyatte Barbeau, of Springdale, Washington, was charged with possession of a short-barreled rifle, according to the criminal complaint filed Dec. 2. Under federal law, a rifle that has a barrel less than 16.5 inches must be registered with the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record.

The investigation

A confidential informant told the Federal Bureau of Investigation that Barbeau was always armed with a .45-caliber pistol and kept the SBR chambered in 5.56, body armor and a helmet in his car, the complaint says.

Barbeau invited the informant over to his trailer on Oct. 19 to discuss selling the SBR, which he was willing to let go with a longer barrel, holographic optics and other accessories, for $5,000. He then asked the informant to find a buyer and take pictures of the rifle.

The informant said that Barbeau frequently told him that it was his duty to educate public servants who were not living up to their oath and discussed “lynching” those he deemed unworthy if necessary, the complaint says.

In one instance, Barbeau told the informant that he and other like-minded individuals would physically remove a California judge presiding over a misdemeanor weapons violation he received in the fall of 2014, the complaint says.

After federal agents received the tip, they…

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