From EAG News:

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Buffalo teachers have received free plastic surgery, courtesy of taxpayers, for more than a decade as part of their teachers union contract, and school board members are poised to put an end to the $5 million annual expense.

The provision was included in a contract with the Buffalo Teachers Federation that expired in 2004, and state law requires the contract to remain in effect until a new one is ratified. District and union officials have spent the last 12 years negotiating without success.

Faced with a nearly $12 million budget shortfall for 2016, a majority of school board members are expected to approve a plan tonight to balance the budget in part by unilaterally removing the cosmetic surgery rider from the union contract, the Buffalo News reports.

“We have figured out a way to use resources from this useless privilege that teachers have created for themselves and putting those resources back into the classroom,” board member Jason McCarthy said.

Board member Larry Quinn cited a state law that allows school boards to take “appropriate action” after extensive negotiations to reach an agreement are unsuccessful, WGRZ reports.

“I really feel this is a moral issue that goes beyond the legal constraints,” Quinn said. “And we are confident that a provision in the Taylor Law allows us to make this move despite the union’s objection to it.”

The move to eliminate the plastic surgery giveaway – which costs the district an estimated $5 million a year – is part…

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