From Graver:

This video coming from Twitter, one can see an unarmed individual standing in front of many police officers talking to the crowd. As the CNN reporters discuss the rioting and violence in Baltimore, a police Humvee slowly approaches the individual in the video.

Just as the Humvee nears the individual speaking, sever officers can be seen rushing towards him, converging on him just as the vehicle obstructs the view of cameras. As the Humvee continues across the frame, one can once again see the line of police officers, but the individual is nowhere to be seen.

One voice on CNN breaks pace for a moment uttering “Oh-Oh,” seemingly in response to seeing Police removing a the protester by such conspicuous means. However, the other voice continues to carry the conversation and soon both broadcasters are once again speaking, without mention of the protester’s seeming disappearance by hands of Police.