From EAG News:

BRADFORD, Vt. – Parents are asking a lot of questions after officials at a local elementary called in the bomb squad over a suspicious object that turned out to be a printer toner cartridge taped together with other items.

WCAX reports state police responded to a Bradford elementary school Monday regarding an object found in the school’s bathroom by a custodian.

Officials called in the bomb squad, and “they determined the item was not an explosive” but rather “appeared to be a toner cartridge, batteries, electric wiring and a plastic ball all wrapped together with electrical tape,” according to the news site.

Police apparently have no clue who put the item in the bathroom, and are asking the public to call the Bradford or state police with tips.

Several local folks who commented on Facebook questioned whether authorities are revealing all of the details in the incident, as well as the school’s handling of the situation.

“Our kids may be safe, but this story doesn’t tell the whole events as we as parents should know,” Jessica Bean posted. “Why was the bomb squad and police at the principal’s house after leaving the school? Was he involved, or was something suspicious found there?”

“As a taxpayer and first responder for this incident, I find the trail of events very disturbing,” Ralph Messenger wrote. “This article is partly misleading and the potential danger I this situation was much larger than depicted as written.”

The possible danger, combined with a lack…

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