From Torrent Freak:

Millions of people use BitTorrent networks every day to obtain and share all kinds of media, from the latest movies and TV shows to music and even research papers. The majority do so from the comfort of their own home but that’s not always the case.

People who spend a lot of time at work, whether that’s in a regular office, factory, warehouse or even shopping environment, often get access to the Internet. And, if rules don’t explicitly or technically prohibit it, some will use that access to share files online.

This kind of activity isn’t always welcomed by employers, with concerns ranging from the productivity of staff to the security of networks, both from technical and legal standpoints.

This morning IT security rating company BitSight Technologies brought these issues into focus with a new report titled “Peer to Peer Peril: How BitTorrent File Sharing Impacts Benchmarking and Vendor Risk.”

According to the report, out of more than 30,700 companies and organizations rated by BitSight for security performance, 23% demonstrated some online activity using the BitTorrent protocol.

“Many organizations explicitly ban this activity, yet there is evidence that in some industries over a quarter of companies are currently sharing files over the BitTorrent protocol. While some of these files are likely legitimate, many of them are labeled as movies, games and other copyrighted material,” the company explains.

To identify trends in each sector, BitSight has broken down industries into various categories including Media/Entertainment, Education, Government, Retail, Energy/Utilities etc. The rates…

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