From The Washington Times:

A longtime Democratic donor and friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton proposed renaming New York’s Baruch College School of Public Affairs the “Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Public and International Affairs” while Mrs. Clinton was serving as President Obama’s secretary of state, an email shows.

Bernard Schwartz, who is now the chairman and CEO of his private investment firm BLS Investments LLC in Manhattan, and Baruch College President Mitchel Wallerstein tried to spearhead an effort to raise a significant amount of capital for the school to be renamed in Mrs. Clinton’s honor.

Mr. Schwartz, a graduate of Baruch College, pledged $5 million in 2002 to recruit and train teachers for its business school.

“You may recall that we met late last year when Secretary Clinton received Bernard Schwartz and me to discuss our proposal to raise a significant amount of private funds (without her involvement) to enable Baruch College to re-name and expand its School of Public Affairs as the ‘Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Public and International Affairs’ and to establish, in parallel, the ‘Hillary Rodham Clinton Library’ to house her correspondence as First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State,” Mr. Wallerstein wrote Cheryl Mills, Mrs. Clinton’s chief of staff in January 2012. The State Department released the letter last month.

Mr. Wallerstein wrote that he would remain mum on the renaming of the school until Mrs. Clinton had time to solidify her post-government plans. He said Mrs. Clinton was “intrigued by the proposal” but told him and Mr.…

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