From EAG News:

TORONTO, Canada – The classic playground game “tag” is too dangerous, Toronto school officials believe, so they banned it at a local Catholic elementary.

The decision comes amid a “series of incidents” involving student injuries at St. Luke Catholic School in recent weeks and follows similar bans on balls, and cartwheels, and snowballs, and other activities deemed “dangerous” by school officials throughout the city in recent years, The Toronto Star reports.

“The game of tag they were playing was getting overly physical and rough,” Toronto Catholic District School Board spokesman John Yan said. Students pushed, punched and tackled each other, he said.

“They were not watching, they were blindly running over (other) kids,” Yan said.

A few received bruises and scrapes – one student broke a leg – and multiple insurance claims convinced officials to ban any kind of tag that involves physical contact between students, he added.

“On Tuesday, St. Luke students were allowed to start playing ‘ball tag’ using a soft ball, and they’ve always been permitted to play soccer — but now, all but Grade 7 and 8 students must use a soft rubber ball, to lessen injuries should someone get hit,” according to the Star.

The school is also partnering with the Toronto Public Health department’s Physical Activity Leaders in Schools (PALS) program, to “train teachers about playground safety strategies” that will be passed on to older students tasked with policing the playground, CTVnews reports.

PALS health promotion specialist Mary Louise Yarema told the Star public…

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