From EAG News:

ATLANTA – Atlanta Public School officials aren’t sure how many guns the school district owns.

An anonymous tip called into the district’s ethics hotline suggested that 30 Glock handguns were stolen from the trunk of an APS vehicle recently, but district leaders are unsure whether the claim is true or not, because they’re not sure how many guns APS owns, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

The district recently purchased 90 semi-automatic handguns as it prepares to launch its own police force, and APS officials contend those weapons have not been stolen. They also researched prior gun purchases and realized they have 18 other guns, which were also in safe keeping, according to a prepared statement.

“On June 14, 2016, an anonymous tip was called into the school system’s ethics hotline alleging that he/she had heard from another source that 30 firearms were stolen from the trunk of a district vehicle,” the statement read. “The Office of Employee Relations investigated the claims and as of today has found no evident that district property was stolen.”

“As the district is in the process of launching its own police force, it has recently purchased 90 firearms. We can confirm that all of those guns have been accounted for and were never missing from the district inventory,” the statement continued, according to the Atlanta Business Journal. “APS investigators have also researched previously purchased firearms, and we can confirm that 18 guns are in the district’s inventory from prior year purchases. Investigators are continuing to…

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