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As we suspected: “The 28 pages” tie former Saudi Prince US ambassador Bandar “Bush” and his wife to terrorists which is a direct link to then President G W Bush who classified these pages, provided exit aircraft to Saudi suspects during the airspace stand down and later received hundreds of miilions from Saudis through Carlyle coinvestments profits in exchange for taking out Saudi oil competitor Iraq and thus keeping Saudi oil profits exorbitant for another decade. link to the pages look around pages 17 and 18 .

The Bush’s engaged in high treason for oil profits laundered through Carlyle. At the LEAST the Bush’s were freindly and provided post facto cover and escape for those involved in the 9/11 attacks on the USA and received enormous compensation for it through Carlyle and Saudi coinvestments. (Saudis gave Carlyle members money to invest in companies which Carlyle then sold at enormous profits allowing all partners like George Bush’s family to make millions. (Nice laundry just like the Clinton Foundation now. And remember Tony Blair was also in it and john major and former secretaries of defense etc etc )

Remember former Presidnet George H W Bush was literally at a Carlyle meeting with Saudis and relatives of Bin Laden at the Ritz hotel when 9/11 happened. Ambassodor Bandar … whom matron Barbara Bush regretted to as another Bush son they were so close.. was reportedly called to the White House and given priveledged info immediately after 9/11.

Now remember that Hillary Clintoncs foundation received huge sums from Saudi Arabi and Hillary’s number one assistant Huma Abedin’s family is from the home of the 9 11 terrorists Jeddah, Saudi Arabia were numerous members of Huma’s direct nearest family are linked to known terrorist organizations.

The saudi bribary of most elected us congressmen and others has …

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