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The documentary film Killing Them Safely, which delves into Taser International’s claim that their products are non-lethal, has garnered generally wide praise and positive reviews, with a few exceptions. However, as Forbes reported, the filmmakers recently uncovered some questionable authors behind some of the film’s harshest critics

Scores of one-star reviews for the movie hit iTunes this week, though none of the amateur reviewers said they worked for the company. Some, however, decided to use their real names and it’s apparent they work for Taser, according to Berardini and producer Jamie Concalves, who put out a number of tweets as proof.

…Steve Tuttle, the one founding member of Taser who went on the record for Berardini’s flick, didn’t seem bothered by the actions of employees, though he wouldn’t say whether he knew who was leaving the reviews. “I can’t control our employees in what they do in their off hours any more than I can tell a police officer when to use a Taser…. Does anyone in their right mind think that anybody that works at Taser would like this documentary?

Reason TV’s Paul Detrick took a look at the lethally of Taser’s product back in January or 2012. You can watch the video and read the original writeup below.

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On May 10, 2011, 43-year old Allen Kephart died after having a Taser applied to him multiple times by three San Bernardino, California, sheriff’s deputies during a routine traffic stop in Lake Arrowhead.

“I feel that my son was murdered, I feel that something…

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