From Global Research:

The latest Pew international poll finds that whereas U.S. and global sentiments toward Russia were rather moderate, not hostile, until after U.S. President Barack Obama’s re-election in 2012, the sentiments toward Russia both in the U.S. and in most countries are now generally sharply hostile. This is an achievement for President Obama, toward which he has worked tirelessly, both publicly and in private.

Pew’s new report, dated August 5th, covers 39 countries, and is headlined, “Russia, Putin Held in Low Regard around the World: Russia’s Image Trails U.S. across All Regions.” It finds that “Russia’s Image” is 30% “Favorable,” and 51% “Unfavorable,” across the 39 countries.

A previous Pew international poll, published on 3 September 2013, had not found the same thing to be the case. It was bannered, “Global Opinion of Russia Mixed: Negative Views Widespread in Mideast and Europe.” This poll found that “Russia’s Global Image” was 36% “Favorable,” and 39% “Unfavorable,” across the 38 countries that were polled. Russia’s image has gone down one-sixth (lost 6% of its previous 36%) in “Favorable” ratings, and increased 31% (by 51%/39%) in “Unfavorable” ratings.

During the interim between those two polls, President Obama’s Administration, as it began its second term in 2013, replaced its top State Department official who ran policymaking for Europe and Asia, with an aide to Hillary Clinton who comes from the leading “neo-conservative” family and who had previously been the top foreign policy advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney, Victoria Nuland, whose husband Robert Kagan,…

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