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Hacker group Anonymous claims it has attacked the Saudi government over a high court’s recent decision to crucify and behead a teenage boy because he protested the regime. Amid tacit approval from the West, Anonymous hackers moved to fight the young man’s execution directly by shutting down official Saudi government websites. Anonymous claims its hackers will continue to launch attacks until justice is served.

On Saturday evening, Anonymous posted a video condemning the Saudi regime for its final decision to execute Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, who was seventeen at the time of his arrest and conviction during the Arab Spring in 2012. It was a follow-up video to onereleased on September 22 that discussed al-Nimr’s case specifically and warned the Saudi regime to release al-Nimr. The second video, released Saturday evening, noted the hacker group had launched a cyber-attack several days earlier and was displeased the regime had not responded.

“[I]t seems you have ignored our letter and video directed to you,” Anonymoussaid in the second video. “Since you have ignored our wishes, we will now take action for your ignorance.”

The Saudi Ministry of Justice’s website and other government pages were taken offline Saturday evening. According to the Telegraph, the websites were up and running again by Sunday afternoon. Anonymous reportedlytold International Business Times, however, that another “huge attack” is on its way.

Al-Nimr was convicted of ‘encouraging democracy’ with his Blackberry by inviting people to the protest — a charge that has sparked global outrage. Nevertheless, last week the Saudi Special Criminal Court (SCC) rejected al-Nimr’s final appeal to the…

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