From Global Research:

“If I could shed a tear for every home that bombs destroy, 

I’d never stop crying

“If I could hold each shattered body, each baby stilled at birth, 

I’d have no time for loneliness, 

I’d spend all my days embracing the people of this savaged earth, 

“And the billionaires are laughing somewhere in America.”

(Song for Basra, David Rovics.)

If you have ever mentally yelled at the screen, radio or hard copy when looking for truth, fact and balance in the news and wondered how much of the mainstream media is bought or biased, the answer is simple.

Just two examples, the US and UK. In the US six corporations own 90% of the media – but these corporations in turn must satisfy their shareholders – each one who holds them financial hostage to the tune of million of dollars.

The list of investors is long (1) but a few examples (2013 figures):

*  Oppenheimer funds Inc  $67,258,000

*  BlackRock Institutional  $89,631,000

World’s largest asset manager; also owns 4.7 million shares NY Times

*  Mellon Capital Management Corp. $50,205,000

*  JPMorgan Private Bank $47,750,000

Gannett owns USA Today and local newspapers & TV stations in 37 US states including the Detroit Free Press, Indianapolis Star and Cincinnati Inquirer. Just one of many mega investors is JP Morgan Asset Management  who hold  21,915,328 shares at a 2013 value of $330,702,000.

In the UK there are twelve major newspaper groups:

“Over a quarter (27.3 per cent) of the press…

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