From ArsTechnica:

Lady Blind JusticeMarc Treble America’s most secretive court has now named its five amici curae—friends of the court—who will act as an outsider public advocate at the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). The move was one of the provisions in the USA Freedom Act, which passed in June 2015 as a package of modest reforms to the national security system.

The five named attorneys are Jonathan G. Cedarbaum, John D. Cline, Laura Donahue, Amy Jeffress, and Marc Zwillinger. In September 2015, the FISC appointed Preston Burton as its first public advocate, but he will only serve in that role as a one-off for a particular case.

Top lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation called these attorneys “impressive.”

FISA Court appoints amici. An impressive list.

— Jameel Jaffer (@JameelJaffer) November 25, 2015

Agreed, very impressive! Although it would have been nice if the FISC had appointed a technical expert or two.

— Nate Cardozo (@ncardozo) November 25, 2015

These lawyers will be tasked with presenting the “legal argument that advances the protection of individual privacy and civil liberties; information related to intelligence collection or communications technology; or legal arguments…

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