From Global Research:

In his 1933 inaugural address, during the height of the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt said: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” 

Today it’s rogue US governance waging war on humanity at home and abroad – what too few people understand.

Americans are the world’s most over-entertained, uninformed people – largely mindless and indifferent about the horrors committed by their government. threatening world peace.

Instead of getting informed and acting to protect their welfare, they believe the Big Lies they’re told by official sources – repeated by the media,  mouthpieces for wealth and power exclusively.

The claim about waging endless wars to protect national security is a complete fabrication. America’s only threats are state-sponsored or ones it invents.

Fear-mongering gets most people to believe a phantom terrorist threat exists. State-sponsored false flags like 9/11 (the mother of them all), Paris in mid-November and most recently San Bernardino, make it easy to manipulate an uninformed public to support policies demanding condemnation.

As long as most people rely on television for so-called news and information, they’ll remain mindless that terrorists “R” us. US intelligence covertly supports Al Qaeda and its affiliated entities.

New York Times/CBS polling data show pre-Paris and San Bernardino, only 4% of Americans called terrorism the nation’s top problem. Now it’s 19%.

Chances of a significant terrorist attack on US soil (a real one, not a false flag) is near zero. Public opinion believes otherwise.

Asked in The Times/CBS poll “how likely is a terror…

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