From ArsTechnica:

A Walking Dead spoiler website has acquiesced to a threatened copyright lawsuit from AMC, the television studio behind the hit series. The Spoiling Dead will not publish who the character “Negan” killed at the end of Season 6, which aired in early April 2016. During that episode it was not revealed who in fact was killed in that particular episode.

According to a demand letter that The Spoiling Dead received on June 7, 2016, the production company behind the hit television show threatened to sue if The Spoiling Dead did not halt its planned reveal, citing trade secrets and potential copyright infringement.

This demand doesn’t take into account the fact that the “victim” here [SPOILER ALERT] was already revealed in the comics upon which the TV show is based.

“The release of plot summaries and particularly the types of crucial plot elements that you have stated you intend to release, have been found to constitute copyright infringement,” Dennis Wilson, who represents AMC, wrote in the demand letter. “Specifically in Twin Peaks Productions v. Publications International, the Court ruled that publishing a work that ‘recounts for its readers precisely the plot details’ of a fictional work constitutes copyright infringement.”

In a statement published…

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