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The White House last week issued a broad new action plan for closing persistent cybersecurity gaps that have plagued federal agencies for years.

The “Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan for the Federal Civilian Government” presents a long-term framework for shoring up agencies’ online security — but presents a waterfall of new deadlines in the short term for agency officials responsible for implementing the new plan.

Below are most of the deadlines agency chief information officers, chief information security officers and other officials are expected to meet, as laid out in the administration’s new cyber action plan.

Oct. 30, 2015

White House releases the “Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan for the Federal Civilian Government.”

Nov. 13, 2015

All agencies must identify and report to the Department of Homeland Security an inventory of their high-value assets — federal systems containing sensitive or critical data.

Dec. 31, 2015

The director of national intelligence will lead a threat assessment of those agency assets “that are at high risk of targeting by adversaries.” DHS and others will “continuously diagnose and mitigate the cybersecurity protections” for the high-value assets. The Department of Homeland Security will expand its intrusion-detection system known as EINSTEIN to all federal civilian agencies. Agency CIOs are to identify their top five talent gaps in the area of IT security. OPM, meanwhile, will compile a list of existing special hiring authorities agencies can use to hire cybersecurity professionals to accelerate hiring. The CIO Council will establish a subcommittee focused on ways to rapidly deploy emerging technology.&


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