Robert Couse-Baker The former CEO of Redflex, a large red light camera vendor, pleaded guilty on Thursday to bribery of Chicago city officials as part of a large contracting bid.

Karen Finley is the second of three defendants to plead guilty to such charges, The scheme was to hire a friend of a former Chicago transit official as a $2 million consultant, much of which was then funneled to that official. Martin O’Malley, the contractor, announced in court filings that he would plead guilty in October 2014.

The federal criminal trial of John Bills, the former managing deputy commissioner at the Department of Transportation, is currently set for January 11, 2016.

A May 2014 affidavit written by an FBI special agent suggests that Bills likely used some of this money to purchase and store a boat, buy a car, pay for an addition to his Michigan cabin, pay for his girlfriend’s mortgage, pay his own mortgage, pay his kids’ schools, and hire a divorce attorney over the course of several years.

A 2013 Redflex document states that two employees “paid for vacation-related expenses” for Bills “for at least 17 different trips from 2003 through 2010,” which included “hotels, flights, rental cars,…

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