Carey Wedler
August 19, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) This week, Chicago Black Lives Matter activists questioned Hillary Clinton at a New Hampshire campaign event about America’s mass incarceration problem, which undeniably bears racist undertones. Clinton provided a predictably calculated, talking-point ridden response, skillfully ignoring the crux of his point: that Clinton herself helped create this catastrophic dilemma.

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In the exclusive video obtained by GOOD Magazine, an activist expresses his happiness that he is able to speak with Clinton.

He then quickly references her recent denunciation of the prison-industrial complex and argues that “America’s first drug is free black labor and and turning black bodies into profit. And the mass incarceration system mirrors an awful lot like the prison plantation system.” The activist says that until white America acknowledges “anti-blackness as a founding problem in this country, there will not be a solution.”

Mmmhmm,” Clinton intones multiple times as she nods in agreement with his statement.

He then politely calls her out for her past support of policies that helped to create America’s prison problem. A title slide in the video appears:

Hillary Clinton lobbied Congress to pass the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. Bill Clinton signed the act into law in 1994...The largest crime bill in history, it provided $9.7 billion in prison funding. From 1992 to 2000, the amount of prisoners in the U.S. increased almost 60%,” it reads.

The activist asks Clinton to explain her recent “change of heart” on the issue and to discuss how what…

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