From Blacklistednews:

An active shooter situation is unfolding at a Walmart in Amarillo, Texas, local police say. The shooter is believed to have hostages, according to local reports.

The Amarillo Police Department has evacuated the west side of the store, according to KVII.

NO confirmed gunshot victims at Wal-Mart. Officers are inside. No shooting ongoing at this moment.

— Amarillo Police Dept (@AmarilloPD) Jun 14 2016

There have not been any confirmed gunshot victims inside the store, Amarillo PD said.

The City’s Office of Emergency Mgt., @AmarilloPD and @AmarilloFire are on the scene of an active shooter incident, Walmart, I-27 & Georgia.

— CityofAmarillo (@CityofAmarillo) Jun 14 2016

The Randall County Sheriff’s Office says “several law enforcement agencies are currently on the scene with an armed subject,” adding that “there are reports the subject inside may have hostages.”

Police have not said if anyone is hurt but they have called for people to stay away from the area.

Active shooter and hostage situation at Walmart on Georgia and canyon eway. Don’t be a idiot and go look. Let APD and AFD do their job.

— Whit White (@K5WRW) Jun 14 2016

Witnesses said the shooter was an employee who took another employee hostage, KVII reported.

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