From The Washington Post:

More than half of America’s single parents and one-fifth of its families with children could see their federal income taxes go up under Republican Donald Trump’s revamped tax plan, according to a new analysis of the plan by a New York University professor who previously served as a tax specialist for the Obama administration and the Senate Finance Committee.

The Trump campaign called the findings “pure fiction,” contending the analysis neglects a crucial benefit for low-income taxpayers — and insisting that Trump would instruct the congressional committees drafting his plan into law that taxes would not be allowed to rise for any low- or middle-income American.

“The fact that NYU didn’t include in their model the $500 per-child match — a central element of our plan — demonstrates that their entire exercise is fatally flawed,” Trump national policy director Stephen Miller said in a statement. “Nor did they model the effects of the tax-free spending on both children and elderly dependents that is additional to either the new deductions or those in current law. They modeled someone else’s plan, but not ours.”

The analysis comes from Lily Batchelder, a professor at NYU’s law school who focuses on tax policy and worked for President Obama’s National Economic Council. She has friends and former colleagues on Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign team but says she conducted this study entirely independent of the campaign.

Batchelder examined the likely effects of Trump’s proposed changes to the income tax code on individuals and families, to see whether their tax bills were likely to rise or fall based on his plan. That makes her analysis different from the broader economic analyses of groups such as the Tax Foundation, which has estimated Trump’s plan would reduce federal revenue by up to $5.9 trillion over a decade. Those broader …

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