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Harold Saive’s 1-minute video reminds us of the implausibility that an alleged anti-Israeli group, ISIS, would choose the very acronym of Mossad, the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS). Importantly, as you know, ISIS and the “Islamic State (IS)” has not hit Israeli targets (apologies if Mossad executes a false flag on innocent Israelis to blame Muslims):

[embedded content]’s sharp 6-minute video asserts central facts that We the People need to know about ISIS as a US/UK/Israel creation:

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Among many papers documenting central facts, I recommend this brief version, and this extensively documented comprehensive version:

The US created Al-Qaeda to engage the USSR in a war of attrition in Afghanistan in 1979. The US overthrew Iran’s democracy in 1953, and backed Saddam as our “friendly dictator” for Iraq in 1963. When Iran refused a new “friendly dictator” after the Shah fled in 1979, the US backed Iraq’s unlawful War of Aggression on Iran from 1980-1988; killing ~one million Iranians. When Saddam began accepting currencies other than dollars for oil in 2000, the US began rhetoric for “regime change.” When Iran began accepting currencies other than dollars for oil in 2005, the US and Israel began rhetoric to attack Iran for threatening Israel and their “nuclear program.”

ISIS is a .01% creation to incite fear against all Muslims (here, here, here), but never ever ever ever ever would state what would bring down the governments of the US, UK, and Israel: the Emperor’s New Clothes

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