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ReadyNutrition Readers, this article is going to highlight several effective naturopathic remedies to assist in the removal of radiation from the human body.  The information can be used if you are undergoing any treatments that have radiation therapy attached to them, such as chemotherapy, and can also be taken into consideration for preparation and survival.  We have Fukushima that is an ongoing release of radiation into the Pacific Ocean, and we also have a world situation where the nations are poised on the brink of thermonuclear war. Knowing what to do when this type of disaster occurs can save your life and those around you. The most important point to go from here is to educate yourself on what happens when a nuke is dropped. Types of Radiation Exposure

Radiation affects the tissues and leads to cancer risks with long-term exposure.  For a really good expose on it, read Cresson Kearney’s “Nuclear War Survival Skills” series of information articles that give many different ways to protect against it.  The information is free and downloadable from the internet. In this type of emergency, it is paramount that you understand the differences in radiation exposure.

Contamination – This is usually unintended contact from radioactive material such as dust or liquid. This type of exposure may be internal or external, but nevertheless, causes poisoning to the body.
Irradiation –  This is the process by which an object is exposed to radiation, but not radioactive material. This usually occurs with x-ray machines, cancer treatments and blood transfusions. That said, the exposure can originate from various sources, including natural sources. Irradiation can involve the whole body, which, if the dose is high enough, can result in systemic symptoms and radiation syndromes or a small part of the body (i.e., from radiation therapy), which can result in local effects.

What symptoms to look for with radiation poisoning:

 7 Natural Supplements that Remove Radiation From the Body

Now we’re going to outline some aids you can use. Having these essential supplements on hand will assist in helping the body prevent the absorption of radiation. As well, it is recommended that each family member have a bottle each of these natural supplements stored.

Calcium and Magnesium: these minerals combat the uptake of Strontium 90 by over 90% when taken. Studies were conducted by Dr. Linus Pauling showing how the calcium blocks the uptake of this dangerous radioisotope. Zeolite Clay: also combats Strontium 90 as well as Cesium 137, another dangerous radioactive isotope. It was used effectively for victims of Chernobyl.  Zeolites attach themselves to radiation and remove it at the cellular level.  The U.S. military uses Zeolite clay to line the floors of its weapons arsenals to help protect against radiation.  The clay can be taken (ingested) internally to remove radiation. Activated Charcoal: reduces radiation by neutralizing it. The ratio of reduction is 10 grams of activated charcoal will reduce 7 grams of toxic substance.  You already are aware of how important activated charcoal is regarding water purification; now you can add this…

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