It was a seesaw struggle for Second Amendment litigation at both the state and federal level in 2015, with important gains for privacy and carry rights but losses when it comes to weapons bans.

The mixed bag of lawsuits decided this year in some ways reinforced splits in lower court decisions and repeatedly saw the nation’s highest court sit on its hands when it came to deciding these cases. There were important decisions made that effect the right to carry firearms outside the home, local restrictions on what guns individuals have a right to own, how guns should be safely stored and how much health care workers can pry into their patient’s firearm ownership, liability issues and whether a city can place special taxes on gun and ammo sales.

Carry rights

In May, U.S. District Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr. issued an injunction barring Washington D.C. from applying its vague “good cause” test as part of its controversial may-issue permitting scheme that has declined more concealed carry permits than it has granted. The order came as a part of the Wrenn v. D.C. case backed by the Second Amendment Foundation as a follow up to their important 2014 win in Palmer v. D.C. which brought lawful concealed carry to the District.

However, the Wrenn victory was put on ice when an appeals court in December found that Scullin did not have jurisdiction to rule in the case and vacated his decision, sending it back for another hearing with a…

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