From EAG News:

CAMDEN, N.J. – Students in the Camden, New Jersey school district ranked among the worst in the state during the most recent round of standardized testing, despite significant spending by local officials. reports the vast majority of Camden students in grades three through 11 who took the new Common Core aligned PARCC test for the first time this year were not proficient in math or language arts.

“About 6 percent of district students in grades three through eight are proficient in language arts, with about 4 percent testing proficient in math,” according to the news site. “Just 5 to 8 percent of high school students tested close to the statewide proficiency rate in language arts. For math, that number was 1 to 3 percent of high school students.”

Student test results were abysmal statewide, but Camden’s results are the worst that have been released by the state so far, undoubtedly an embarrassment for local administrators who have been criticized in recent years for exorbitant spending.

EAGnews last year pointed out that despite a 14-to-1 student to teacher ratio, and much higher spending than other districts at $26,000 per student – about $8,000 per student more than the state average – less than half of the Camden’s students graduated high school.

That’s likely because much of the spending went to unnecessary expenses that have little to nothing to do with improving academics.

An analysis of the district’s 2012-13 spending showed district officials spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to take…

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