By Corporate Crime Reporter A federal district court in Washington, D.C., ruled last week that the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private lending arm of the World Bank Group, has absolute immunity and thus cannot be sued in the United States. Fishing communities and farmers represented by EarthRights International (ERI) filed suit against

By Kareem Fahim and C.J. Chivers, New York Times CAIRO — A Saudi Arabia-led military coalition used bombs supplied by the United States in an attack on a market in Yemen last month that killed at least 97 civilians, including 25 children, Human Rights Watch said in a report released Wednesday. The group

By Paul Wiseman and Marcy Gordon, AP Business Writers WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. lambastes and strong-arms countries that help drug lords and millionaire investors hide their money from tax collectors. Critics say it should look closer to home. America itself is emerging as a top tax haven alongside the likes of Switzerland,

A private college in Arizona is charging students a fee to fund a scholarship for illegal immigrants, a controversial move supporters say gives a hand to those who need it but anti-illegal immigration advocates call irresponsible. Prescott College is tacking a $30 annual fee onto its $28,000 annual tuition to establish an annual

One of the key roles of the EU’s Court of Justice is to interpret European law to ensure that it’s applied in the same manner across all member states. The Court is also called upon by national courts to clarify finer points of EU law to progress local cases with Europe-wide implications.

While the World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 4 deaths are related to living and working in a toxic environment1,2,3,4 — with air pollution being the greatest contributor—your diet, personal care, and common household products likely pose the most immediate risk to your and your family’s health. Repeated

As physicians become more reliant on prescribing medications to treat illness instead of advocating preventive measures, more of our children are suffering from accidental medication poisonings. The number of people taking prescription medications has risen to an alarming 60 percent. With this increased exposure comes a rise in the

The use of powdered medical gloves is on the decline, but they may soon become a thing of the past. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a proposal to ban most powdered gloves in the U.S., stating they “pose an unreasonable and substantial risk of illness or

Prescriptions for opioids have risen by 300 percent over the past 10 years — a trend that has fueled, if not created a whole new heroin epidemic.1 Americans use the most opioids of any nation — twice the amount used by Canadians, who come in second place in terms

When you’re feeling anxious, do you ever tell yourself to calm down and relax? It seems as though this would be a useful strategy, but if you’ve tried you probably know that it’s not that effective. When you’re faced with an anxiety-inducing situation, say giving a public speech, your

0 Total Shares Tyler DurdenApril 6, 2016 There is one major problem with that: of all the countries in the world, it is none other than the country of which Obama is president, the United States, that has become the world’s favorite offshore “tax haven” destination. As Bloomberg, which first broke the

From Freedomworks: Three bills that would overhaul Oklahoma’s sentencing policies and another offering more drug treatment programs are moving toward a final vote in the state Senate. The bills, which have already cleared the state House of Representatives are part of the latest effort to overhaul Oklahoma’s criminal justice system to make it more efficient,

Niklas Morberg A young American boy is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging his and others’ placement on a government terrorist watchlist. According to the civil complaint filed in federal court in Virginia on Tuesday, the boy had been given an “SSSS designation indicating that he had been designated as a ‘known

Enlarge / An e-mail targeting a retail company to deliver point-of-sale malware.Proofpoint For the past decade, spear phishing—the dark art of sending personalized e-mails designed to trick a specific person into divulging login credentials or clicking on malicious links—has largely been limited to espionage campaigns carried out by state-sponsored groups. That made sense.

ReadyNutrition Readers, we kicked off an article about metal bins and how to segregate different types of metals for future use.  Emphasis was placed on keeping the metals saved in their original forms, so as to be used in the original manner after forges/metal fabricators were down, post SHTF.  In light of