Chronic pain results from disease or trauma to the nervous system. Damaged nerve fibres with heightened responses to normal stimuli send incorrect messages to pain centres in the brain. This phenomenon, called “peripheral and central sensitization” is one of the key mechanisms involved in the condition which touches people with diabetes, cancer,

Brookings Institute FBI Director James Comey told a congressional panel that the Obama administration won’t ask Congress for legislation requiring the tech sector to install backdoors into their products so the authorities can access encrypted data. Comey said the administration for now will continue lobbying private industry to create backdoors to allow the

Rep. Kevin McCarthy‘s shocking announcement that he would drop his bid for House speaker could put Republicans at a disadvantage in one of the most vital aspects of the next election: fundraising. Absent the saving grace of a certain House Ways and Means chairman, that is. When McCarthy backed out, that left

After the massive hack that compromised sensitive information of more than 21.5 million former, current and prospective federal employees, the Office of Personnel Management has no business handling security clearance data, according to two members of Congress. “We strongly believe that security clearance data — which has been described as the ‘crown jewels’

Major world stock markets were poised for their biggest weekly advance since 2011 on Friday, as greater investor appetite for riskier assets propelled gains in equities and a surge in commodities and crude oil prices. Declines in the dollar, a bullish oil forecast and giant miner Glencore’s (GLEN.L) pledge Friday to slash world

Leeds Magistrate Court, where voyeur Stefan Riga was sentenced this week.Wikimedia Commons user Mtaylor848 A young woman contacted me last week after reading some of my previous reporting on Remote Access Tools (RATs) and how they can be used to spy on people through the webcams and microphones in their computers. The woman

     Imagine stepping into a friend’s car, her favorite playlist pumping, only to be immersed in the sounds of hundreds of clanging pots and pans. To an estimated 4% of the world, that’s what the stuff we call music sounds like. These people are tone-deaf, a disorder known as congenital amusia. People who

A 3D model of the brain showing different activations for folder navigation (blue) and search (red). More than 95 per cent of us waste time navigating through computer files rather than using efficient search tools because of the way our brains are structured, according to a new study. Psychologists from the University

It’s easy to form the mental image of a hacker hunched over a computer, probing a way to get your personal information, whether to sell it, acquire credit cards in your name or use your health insurance. It does happen, but University of New Mexico Department of Computer Science Professor Stephanie Forrest and

Patent trolls are seeking fees from Maine to Idaho. State lawmakers have taken notice.Kirby Ferguson There were 33 percent fewer patent lawsuits filed in the third quarter of 2015 than in 2014, according to data published today by LexMachina. 1,119 new patent cases were filed in Q3 2015, compared to last year’s record-setting 1,665 cases in

BOSTON (Oct. 9, 2015) – A privacy bill that would prohibit collection of electronic data from communication service providers without a warrant in most cases, and that would effectively block an NSA data sharing program, continues to work its way through the Massachusetts legislature. Last spring, a bipartisan coalition of

Economics professor Daniel Hamermesh is pulling stumps for the University of Sydney, citing fears of guns on campus. (Photo: KEYE) A semi-retired University of Texas professor announced he would be leaving the school for good over new concealed carry policies. Economics professor Daniel Hamermesh, the current Sue Killam Professor Emeritus, penned a letter

© Rick Loomis/Los Angeles Times/Getty      The biology of sexual orientation has been one of the most vexing — and politically charged — questions in human genetics. For the first time, researchers have found associations between homosexuality and markers attached to DNA that can be influenced by environmental factors. Twin studies and family

Free Syrian Army fighters erect the Syrian opposition flag atop a former base used by fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), after it was captured by rival rebel forces in Manbij town in Aleppo January 8, 2014. Reuters/Nashwan Marzouk Islamic State fighters have seized Syrian villages on the

Credit: MIT News Keeping track of time is critical for many tasks, such as playing the piano, swinging a tennis racket, or holding a conversation. Neuroscientists at MIT and Columbia University have now figured out how neurons in one part of the brain measure time intervals and accurately reproduce them. The researchers